الجو عامل ايه؟

el gaw 3amel eh?“(accompanied by a wink, nudge, & grin)

I think it’s kind of great that ‘So, how’s the weather?’ is used in English as a kind of cultural signifier for not having anything better to talk about or feeling awkward, but in Egypt, it’s sometimes used to ask about someone’s significant other. Same phrase, COMPLETELY different meaning.

My guess for the reason there’s a euphemism for this that may be the fact that dating before getting engaged or married is widely considered a no-no / something you usually (not always) have to hide from your parents here, but correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve also never actually heard this one firsthand because it’s mainly used among guys (there’s a whole other world of speech out there that I’ve only been able to see glimpses of. I call it: Shabab Arabic) but one generous shab named Fady was kind enough to share this one with me. I will be poking around for more of this type of phrase in the future.

Is anyone aware of other euphemisms for dating in Arabic? I’m sure there are some great ones out there.

أفلام ثقافية

“aflam saqafeya”

You might–very logically, I might add–guess that the phrase “cultural films” may refer to some aspect of Egypt’s golden age of cinema, a genre of cultural documentary, or anything along those lines really.

…but nope. It really just means porn.