Team Nisreen: Another internet joke

You might be able to detect something of a consistency of format in these. This one’s from Welcome to Syria, a Facebook meme page.


A: مبارح حلمت اني كنت بالجنة
mbaare7 7alam@t énni ként béjjanne
Yesterday I dreamed that I was in heaven

حلمت اني كنت – this would also work OK as حلمت اني (with no past), because of the usual absence of tense-shifting. It appears here though.

B: وانا كنت معك؟
w2ana ként ma3ak?
Was I with you?

C: اي, ما انا اول ما شفتك تأكدت انو حلم
ee, ma 2ana 2awwal ma shéftak @t2akkad@t énno 7él@m
Yeah – I mean, it was when I saw you that I was sure it was a dream

ما انا – this is the ma mentioned in the conjunctions post which basically implies a connection between this sentence and the question asked by B. Here it translates as something like ‘after all’, or ‘well, I mean’.

اول ما – ‘as soon as’, ‘the moment that’, etc.

تأكدت انو – you might know this verb from fuSHa. It means literally something like ‘to become sure’ or ‘make sure of’ (the former meaning is meant here). ‘I became sure that…’ Notice that here there’s no past-shifting (no حلمت اني كنت).

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