“You are so environment”

أنت بيئة قوي

Enta bee2a awi” (to a guy)

This actually means something like, “you are so trashy right now.” Can also be used to describe geographic locations, restaurants, bars, and anything that has fallen prey to disrepair or sketchiness. I’m personally not sure how the word ‘environment’ came to mean ‘trash’–I think I’d be making quite a leap by suggesting it has to do with how the environment in Cairo is actually consistently quite full of trash, so I won’t do that.


  1. Definitely one of my favorite slangs here. Though there’s a lot of elitism involved, I feel like at least, in how people use it when talking about places, like “there goes the neighborhood” but with less racial connotations.

  2. It’s really similar to the American “You’re so ghetto” and in fact in other contexts بيئة means a lower-class neighborhood.

  3. I always thought it suggested being an undifferentiated part of an every present layer of primordial slime.

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