“You do not have an invitation”

مالكش دعوة

malaksh da3wa

Very often means, “This is none of your business.” Ex: If you try to step in on an argument between two best friends, one of them might tell you to bug off by saying what literally translates to, “YOU DO NOT HAVE AN INVITATION!!!”

But it can also serve another meaning: for example, if someone tries to blame you for a copyediting mistake at work that wasn’t actually in your purview, you could say “malish da3wa bmodo3 el copyediting” = lit. “I don’t have an invitation for the subject of copyediting” = “Copyediting is not my responsibility.”

This one is also cool to repeat a billion times while arguing with someone to get your point across. Now that I think of it, I’ve never actually heard less than three ‘malaksh da3wa’-s in a row, so go ahead and use this one liberally.

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