UPDATE: Though men hit ten, ladies only hit seven and a half

UPDATE: It has come to light that the phrase يضرب عشرة (lit. ‘hit ten’ and a common Egyptian euphemism for masturbation) only, apparently, applies to men. For women, the equivalent euphemism is تضرب سبعة ونص or ‘hit seven and a half.’

Many questions have emerged in light of this discovery, including but not limited to:

  • Why do men get more what I presume to be fingers than women? [I believe the answer we’re looking for here is ‘patriarchy’ but if there’s a reason a bit more specific than that, THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.]
  •  Why do men even need both hands? Doesn’t that seem frivolous to you?
  • Why half a finger? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?? What are the other two and a half busy with while this is going down?

Ugh. Arabic, your mysteries are boundless.

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