“I’m walking next to the wall”

انا ماشي جمب الحيط

ana mashy gemb el 7ayt

Means something like, “I’m keeping to myself / not taking sides.”

No joke, my amiya teacher taught this to the entire class before June 30 and instructed us all to say this whenever anyone asked about politics. Was also essential knowledge for the rest of that summer when taxi drivers wanted to play the “c**p or revolution?!” game.

Phrase has since been replaced by a couple of enthusiastic “TEHYA MASR!!!”‘s.


  1. An all-purpose rhyming cynical expression about the government that got me many a handshake from cab drivers is حاميها حراميها, meaning “the ones who are supposed to protect it are its.thieves”
    As for “I’m keeping my mouth shut” a good rhyming phrase is لسانك حصانك إن صنته صانك “your tongue is your horse, if you take care of it [by not shooting your mouth off] it will take care of you.”

  2. When I hear this I think of the phrase “in line soldier” in English. It’s as if saying انا ماشي جنب الحيط is I’m in line with everyone, neutral and have no thoughts to share on the matter.

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