يخرب بيت حلاوتك

ya5rab bayt 7elawtek

The game spit by this aspiring Romeo actually means something roughly like, “Screw your hotness!” Let’s go ahead and break that one down because it makes approximately zero fucking sense.

يخرب بيتك (literally “May God destroy your house”—the full phase is actually الله يخرب بيتك) is basically the lowest vulgarity grade you can get for wishing someone harm. If someone bumps into you on the street and you don’t want to start a fight, that’s a good one to mutter quietly under your breath, if you feel the need. “Screw you” may be the most accurate translation. حلاوة means ‘sweetness,’ but is also used to refer to how attractive a woman is.

So, there you have it. “God break the house of your sweetness.” Yup. Good stuff.


  1. Hey great blog! Don’t know Egyptian too well, but يخرب بيت can be used in Levantine as a (yes, pretty weird) compliment, as in:
    ع هدير البوسطة اللي كانت ناقلتنا
    من ضيعة حملايا لضيعة تنورين
    تذكرتك يا عليا وتذكرت عيونك
    يخرب بيت عيونك يا عليا شو حلوين

    1. In western dialects, there’s
      يلعن بو زينك
      (“May a curse strike the father/forebear of your beauty”)

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