BREAKING NEWS: Maha sighting in Heliopolis

BREAKING: #TeamMaha has received reports that one Facebook user has seen the actress who played Al-Kitab’s “Maha” multiple times over the past year in the Heliopolis neighborhood of Cairo, Egypt.

The woman claimed that she often sees “Maha” out with her family, asserting that the actress does not, contrary to the expectations of many, seem particularly lonely.

A large number of American Arabic students familiar with “Maha” have been under the impression for many years that the actress was killed in a fiery car crash soon after the textbook was published. As a result, the news may come as a shock to some.

Check back later for updates on this developing story.



  1. No no ya gama3. That’s not Maha. Everyone knows Attractive Maha was killed off by Ugly Maha, the jealous and decidedly less intriguing Egyptian actress from Batal’s original series (who he cut from the series faster than shwarma when some quick market research showed that in order to build his Arabic learning empire he needed students to actually be interested in Maha and her loneliness, all sexual connotations implied.) But when Ugly Maha saw Attractive Maha stepping on her territory with Khaled, she did the only thing she could think of: she shanked her out in a Best Buy parking lot in Dearborn, MI. Batal has kept the whole thing hush hush lest it look like his multi-million dollar Arabic textbook monopoly is built on shallow market analysis (that proved unexpectedly prescient) and a pool of sweet, lonely blood. البقاء الله و ربنا يرحمها

  2. I thought the killer was Maha’s counterpart from a parallel universe, Nesrine. Nesrine climbed through the wormhole to kill Maha because Maha had the affections of Aunt Nadia.

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